Sunday Service

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- intro -
Exit (TBC:26 Jul 92)

- amoricana.compilation -
Sting Me (TBC:31 Aug 07)
Statesboro Blues (TBC:27 Aug 95)
Never Been To Spain (CRB:5 Nov 11)
Ooh La La (TMS:14 Oct 17)
Feelin' Alright (TBC:27 Aug 10)
Cypress Tree (TBC:24 Mar 06)
Meet Me In The Morning (TBC:7 Jul 95)
Descending (TBC:23 Jul 96)
Hard To Handle (TBC:20 Aug 95)
Halfway To Everywhere (TBC:2 Nov 13)
Loser (BOAF:13 Aug 06)

- outro -
My Morning Song (TBC:1 Mar 97)

30 Aug 05

- intro -
Darling Of The Underground Press (TBC:12 Aug 92)

- live - Morrison, CO @ Red Rocks
No Speak No Slave (TBC:30 Aug 05)
Cosmic Friend (TBC:30 Aug 05)
Thick N' Thin (TBC:30 Aug 05)
Comin' Home (TBC:30 Aug 05)
Ballad In Urgency -> (TBC:30 Aug 05)
Wiser Time (TBC:30 Aug 05)
My Morning Song (TBC:30 Aug 05)
She Talks To Angels (TBC:30 Aug 05)
Jealous Again (TBC:30 Aug 05)
Remedy (TBC:30 Aug 05)

- outro -
My Morning Song (TBC:30 Jul 92)

8 Jan 94

- intro -
Tied Up and Swallowed (TBC:15 Dec 96)

- live - LA, CA @ The Troubadour
Walk In My Shadow (Foamfoot: 8 Jan 94)
Bottle Of Red Wine (Foamfoot:8 Jan 94)
Tin Soldier (Foamfoot:8 Jan 94)
Take The Highway (Foamfoot:8 Jan 94)
Deal (Foamfoot:8 Jan 94)
Love Me Till The Sun Shines (Foamfoot:8 Jan 94)
Long Time Gone (Foamfoot:8 Jan 94)
Jemima Surrender (Foamfoot:8 Jan 94)
One Way Out (Foamfoot:8 Jan 94)
Presence Of The Lord (Foamfoot:8 Jan 94)

- outro -
My Morning Song (TBC:11 Jun 05)

19 May 00

- intro -
No Speak No Slave (TBC:8 Aug 06)

- live - St. Louis, MO @ The Duck Room
Georgia on a fast train (BR5-49:19 May 00)
Bettie bettie (BR5-49:19 May 00)
Even if it's wrong (BR5-49:19 May 00)
Fool of the century (BR5-49:19 May 00)
Hillbilly thang (BR5-49:19 May 00)
She's talking to someone(BR5-49:19 May 00)
Pourin' pain (BR5-49:19 May 00)
Uneasy rider (BR5-49:19 May 00)
You getting tired of me (BR5-49:19 May 00)
Not be bothered anymore (BR5-49:19 May 00)
Stuck inside the bottle (BR5-49:19 May 00)
Out of habit (BR5-49:19 May 00)
I ain't never (BR5-49:19 May 00)
Waitin' for the axe (BR5-49:19 May 00)
What's the matter with the mill (BR5-49:19 May 00)
Sweet sweet girl to me (BR5-49:19 May 00)
Mama tried (BR5-49:19 May 00)
Me 'n' opie (BR5-49:19 May 00)
Luther played the boogie (BR5-49:19 May 00)
Right string baby, wrong yo-yo (BR5-49:19 May 00)
Better than this (BR5-49:19 May 00)
Way too late (BR5-49:19 May 00)
The game (BR5-49:19 May 00)
18 wheels and a crowbar (BR5-49:19 May 00)
Seven nights to rock (BR5-49:19 May 00)
Brain cloudy blues (BR5-49:19 May 00)
Thirty days (BR5-49:19 May 00)
Spiders and snakes (BR5-49:19 May 00)
Little ramona (BR5-49:19 May 00)
Cadillac in model "a" (BR5-49:19 May 00)
Roly poly (BR5-49:19 May 00)
White lightning (BR5-49:19 May 00)

- outro -
My Morning Song (TBC:19 Mar 06)


- intro -
Gone (TBC:5 Dec 09)

- amoricana.compilation -
Miss You (CR w/Blues Traveler:22 Aug 95)
Jr. Got His Head Put Out (Mofro:13 Apr 07)
Falling Down (The Redwalls:8 May 04)
Booty Call (G Love & Special Sauce:14 Feb 15)
Waiting In Vain (NEM:19 Nov 03)
Steady Rollin' Man (Peter Green:18 Sep 01)
Have A Nice Day (Stereophonics:4 Mar 04)
When You Will Love Me (Hookah Brown:17 Mar 03)
Lemon Song (TBC&JP:19 Oct 99)
Casino Queen (CR w/Wilco:25 Aug 95)
Southern Man (NEMule:13 Nov 03)
Big Mouth Blues (CR w/BR5-49:10 Jan 99)

- outro -
My Morning Song (TBC:18 Dec 08)

25 Apr 06

- intro -
Black Moon Creeping (TBC:May 1992)

- live - LA, CA @ The Roxy
Cursed Diamond (BOAF:25 Apr 06)
Horsehead (BOAF:25 Apr 06)
Log Cabin Home In The Sky (BOAF:25 Apr 06)
Welcome To The Goodtimes (BOAF:25 Apr 06)
Wiser Time (BOAF:25 Apr 06)
How Much For Your Wings (BOAF:25 Apr 06)
My Heart's Killing Me (BOAF:25 Apr 06)
Answers (BOAF:25 Apr 06)
Like A Tumbleweed In Eden (BOAF:25 Apr 06)
Late Nights Again (BOAF:25 Apr 06)
Close Up The Honky Tonks (BOAF:25 Apr 06)
Better When You're Not Alone (BOAF:25 Apr 06)
Roll Um Easy (BOAF:25 Apr 06)
Thorn In My Pride (BOAF:25 Apr 06)
Girl From A Pawnshop (BOAF:25 Apr 06)
Nonfiction (BOAF:25 Apr 06)
Miracle To Me (BOAF:25 Apr 06)
Boomer's Story (BOAF:25 Apr 06)

- outro -
My Morning Song (TBC:31 Oct 01)

22 Feb 97

- intro -
Cursed Diamond (TBC:1 Mar 97)

- live - London, UK @ The Garage
She Talks To Angels (TBC:22 Feb 97)
Torn And Frayed (TBC:22 Feb 97)
Better When You're Not Alone (TBC:22 Feb 97)
Spider In The Sugar Bowl Blues (TBC:22 Feb 97)
Nonfiction (TBC:22 Feb 97)
Bring On, Bring On (TBC:22 Feb 97)
Good Friday (TBC:22 Feb 97)
Oh Sister (TBC:22 Feb 97)
Thunderstorm 6:54 PM (TBC:22 Feb 97)
Share The Ride (TBC:22 Feb 97)
Night They Drove Old Dixie Down (TBC:22 Feb 97)
Jealous Again (TBC:22 Feb 97)
Hot Burrito #1 (TBC:22 Feb 97)
Hot Burrito #2 (TBC:22 Feb 97)

- outro -
My Morning Song (TBC:6 Aug 95)

22 Feb 97

- intro -
Close To You (CR w/Paul Stacey:25 Aug 02)

- live - London, UK @ The Garage
Remedy (TBC:22 Feb 97)
Bad Luck Blue Eyes Goodbye (TBC:22 Feb 97)
Darling Of The Underground Press (TBC:22 Feb 97)
Ballad In Urgency (TBC:22 Feb 97)
Wiser Time (TBC:22 Feb 97)
Cursed Diamond (TBC:22 Feb 97)
He Was A Friend Of Mine (TBC:22 Feb 97)
Descending (TBC:22 Feb 97)
Willin' (TBC:22 Feb 97)
Downtown Money Waster (TBC:22 Feb 97)
How Much For Your Wings? (TBC:22 Feb 97)
Hard To Handle (TBC:22 Feb 97)
She (TBC:22 Feb 97)
Girl From North Country (TBC:22 Feb 97)

- outro -
My Morning Song (TBC:1992 Outtake)


- intro -
Nobody's Fault But Mine (TBC:22 Oct 99)

- amoricana.compilation -
I Ain't The One (Lynyrd Skynyrd:30 Oct 73)
Harvest Moon (Neil Young:5 Dec 92)
Mr. Charlie (Grateful Dead:28 Mar 72)
Don't Do It (Rich Robinson:16 Jan 04)
Buttholeville (Drive By Truckers:12 Aug 06)
Tweeter And The Monkey Man (T. Wilburys:1988)
Sand (Trey Anastasio:31 Dec 05)
Sympathy For The Devil (CRB:31 Oct 12)
Reflections On A Broken Mirror (NEM:5 Dec 02)
Kinky Reggae (CR & Damian Marley:4 Dec 99)
A Little Less Conversation (Elvis:27 Jun 68)
Weather (Neil Finn:8 Feb 03)

- outro -
My Morning Song (TBC:29 June 92)

24 Mar 06

- intro -
Wiser Time (TBC:17 Nov 96)

- live - Amsterdam, NL @ Paradiso
Cursed Diamond (TBC:24 Mar 06)
Gone (TBC:24 Mar 06)
Cypress Tree (TBC:24 Mar 06)
Soul Singing (TBC:24 Mar 06)
Girl From A Pawnshop (TBC:24 Mar 06)
Ride On A Pony (TBC:24 Mar 06)
Under A Mountain (TBC:24 Mar 06)
Let It Be Gone (TBC:24 Mar 06)
Title Song (TBC:24 Mar 06)
Jam -> Thorn In My Pride (TBC:24 Mar 06)
Virtue And Vice (TBC:24 Mar 06)
How Much For Your Wings? -> (TBC:24 Mar 06)
Jam -> Fat Boy * (TBC w/John Sinclair:24 Mar 06)
Peace Anyway (TBC:24 Mar 06)
Sister Luck (TBC:24 Mar 06)
Alabama (TBC:24 Mar 06)
Sometimes Salvation (TBC:24 Mar 06)
Long, Long, Long -> (TBC:24 Mar 06)
Wiser Time (TBC:24 Mar 06)
Twice As Hard (TBC:24 Mar 06)
Jealous Again (TBC:24 Mar 06)
Happy (TBC:24 Mar 06)

- outro -
My Morning Song (TBC:11 Sep 98)

OTAR.11.Marcus King
10 Nov 19

- intro -
If You See California (NEM:10 Jul 04)

- live - St. Louis, MO @ The Pageant
Intro > (Marcus King Band:10 Nov 19)
Where I'm Headed (MKB:10 Nov 19)
Turn It Up (MKB:10 Nov 19)
What's Right (MKB:10 Nov 19)
How Long (MKB:10 Nov 19)
One Day She's Here (MKB:10 Nov 19)
I Just Want To Make Love To You > (MKB:10 Nov 19)
Hootchie Kootchie Man > (MKB:10 Nov 19)
I Just Want To Make Love To You (MKB:10 Nov 19)
Champagne And Reefer (MKB:10 Nov 19)
Homesick (MKB:10 Nov 19)
Always > (MKB:10 Nov 19)
He Bite Me (MKB:10 Nov 19)
Break (MKB:10 Nov 19)
Virginia > (MKB:10 Nov 19)
My Morning Song > (MKB:10 Nov 19)
Virginia (MKB:10 Nov 19)
Sweet Mariona (MKB:10 Nov 19)
Good Hearted Woman (MKB:10 Nov 19)
Wildflowers & Wine (MKB:10 Nov 19)
keys intro > Confessions (MKB:10 Nov 19)
Compared To What? > (MKB:10 Nov 19)
Drum solo > (MKB:10 Nov 19)
Say You Will > (MKB:10 Nov 19)
What Is Hip? > (MKB:10 Nov 19)
Plant Yo' Corn Early w/band intros (MKB:10 Nov 19)
Goodbye Carolina (MKB:10 Nov 19)
Young Man's Dream (MKB:10 Nov 19)
The Well (MKB:10 Nov 19)

- outro -
My Morning Song (TBC:7 Jul 07)

OTAR.12.Trigger Hippy
19 Dec 19

- intro -
Loving Cup (TBC:06 Aug 05)

- live - St. Louis, MO @ The Duck Room
Dandelion (Trigger Hippy:19 Dec 19)
Struck Out On The Pain (Trigger Hippy:19 Dec 19)
Dry County (Trigger Hippy:19 Dec 19)
The Door (Trigger Hippy:19 Dec 19)
Long Lost Friend (Trigger Hippy:19 Dec 19)
The Butchers Daughter (Trigger Hippy:19 Dec 19)
Middle Of The Road (Trigger Hippy:19 Dec 19)
Goddamn Hurricane (Trigger Hippy:19 Dec 19)
Born To Be Blue (Trigger Hippy:19 Dec 19)
One Of Them (Trigger Hippy:19 Dec 19)
Heartache On The Line (Trigger Hippy:19 Dec 19)
Want To Bring You Down (Trigger Hippy:19 Dec 19)
Low Down Country Song (Trigger Hippy:19 Dec 19)
Pretty Mess (Trigger Hippy:19 Dec 19)
Full Circle And Then Some (Trigger Hippy:19 Dec 19)
Black Moon Jam -> (TBC:20 Jul 96)
Young Man, Old Man Jam -> (TBC:20 Jul 96)

- outro -
My Morning Song (TBC:20 Jul 96)


- intro -
Descending (TBC:30 Dec 05)

- amoricana.compilation -
Bron-Yr-Aur-Stomp (Led Zeppelin:27 Jun 72)
Crazy Face (Van Morrison:1970)
Fat Man In The Bathtub (Little Feat:19 Jul 73)
Glad > Freedom Fighter (Traffic:18 Nov 70)
Over The Hill (John Martyn:1973)
Polly (The Walkabouts:1993)
Red Balloon (Tim Hardin:10 Apr 68)
Red Road>I Know You Rider (NEM:18 Nov 03)
Rita May (Bob Dylan:1975)
Walk The Dog (Rufus Thomas:1 May 98)
Seasons Of Wither (Aerosmith:26 Mar 78)
Spaceball Ricochet (T.Rex:1972)
Stoned Faces Don't Lie (Sir Douglas Quintet:1971)
The Harder They Come (Jerry Garcia:Jul 73)
WS Walcott Medicine Show (The Band:1970)
Bloody Mary Morning (Willie Nelson:7 Jun 75)

- outro -
My Morning Song (TBC:4 Apr 99)

5 Oct 01

- intro -
High Head Blues (TBC:7 Nov 96)

- live - Chicago, IL @ The Aragon
Remedy (TBC:5 Oct 01)
Sting Me (TBC:5 Oct 01)
Go Faster (TBC:5 Oct 01)
No Speak No Slave (TBC:5 Oct 01)
Greasy Grass River (TBC:5 Oct 01)
Kicking My Heart Around (TBC:5 Oct 01)
Cursed Diamond (TBC:5 Oct 01)
Cosmic Friend (TBC:5 Oct 01)
Sometimes Salvation (TBC:5 Oct 01)
Good Friday (TBC:5 Oct 01)
Young Man Old Man (TBC:5 Oct 01)
Buttermilk Waltz Jam -> (TBC:5 Oct 01)
Thorn In My Pride (TBC:5 Oct 01)
My Morning Song (TBC:5 Oct 01)
Soul Singing (TBC:5 Oct 01)
Wiser Time (TBC:5 Oct 01)
By Your Side (TBC:5 Oct 01)
Twice As Hard (TBC:5 Oct 01)
Jealous Again (TBC:5 Oct 01)
- encore -
Roll Um Easy (1st) (TBC:5 Oct 01)
Virtue And Vice (TBC:5 Oct 01)

- outro -
My Morning Song (TBC:22 Jul 97)

17 Sep 05

- intro -
Sting Me (Slow) (11 Feb 97)

- live Set One - Phoenix, AZ @ Dodge Theater
(Only) Halfway To Everywhere (TBC:17 Sep 05)
Black Moon Creeping (TBC:17 Sep 05)
Thick N' Thin (TBC:17 Sep 05)
Paint An 8 (TBC:17 Sep 05)
Descending (TBC:17 Sep 05)
Song Of Love (1st) (TBC:17 Sep 05)
High Head Blues (TBC:17 Sep 05)
Downtown Money Waster -> (TBC:17 Sep 05)
Jam -> Thorn In My Pride (TBC:17 Sep 05)
Virtue And Vice (TBC:17 Sep 05)

- outro -
Thorn's Progress -> (TBC:10 Feb 95)
Buttermilk Waltz -> (TBC:10 Feb 95)
Pastoral Jam -> (TBC:10 Feb 95)
My Morning Song (TBC:10 Feb 95)

1 Sep 07

- intro -
Space Captain (TBC:6 Dec 09)

- live - Kansas City, MO @ Crossroads
Wiser Time (TBC:1 Sep 07)
Soul Singing (TBC:1 Sep 07)
Jealous Again (TBC:1 Sep 07)
Hotel Illness (TBC:1 Sep 07)
Cypress Tree (TBC:1 Sep 07)
Sister Luck (TBC:1 Sep 07)
My Morning Song (TBC:1 Sep 07)
Isn't It About Time (TBC:1 Sep 07)
Welcome To The Goodtimes (TBC:1 Sep 07)
Downtown Money Waster -> (TBC:1 Sep 07)
Jam -> (TBC:1 Sep 07)
Thorn In My Pride (TBC:1 Sep 07)
Hard To Handle (TBC:1 Sep 07)
- encore -
Don't Do It (TBC:1 Sep 07)

- outro -
My Morning Song (TBC:4 Dec 09)


- intro -
Middle Eastern Jam (TBC:1 Mar 97)

- amoricana.compilation -
Low Spark Of High Heeled Boys (TBC:26 Jun 97)
New Speedway Boogie (Grateful Dead:14 Mar 70)
Checkin Up On My Baby (S.B.Williamson:10 Dec 68)
Mother Of Stone (NEM:29 May 02)
Reputation (Byrds:1968)
Corrina (Taj Mahal:10 Dec 68)
Oh Atlanta (CR w/Little Feat:1 Jul 08)
Tin Soldier (Foamfoot:8 Jan 94)
Let It Be Gone (Greaseband:studio)
Carribean Wind (Bob Dylan:23 Sep 80)
This Is The Way (D. Banhardt:studio)
Blackbird (Beatles:studio)
Under My Skin (Frank Sinatra:Jan 66)

- outro -
My Morning Song (TBC:20 Oct 96)

31 Jan 19

- intro -
Stare It Cold (TBC:31 Jul 05)

- live - St. Louis, MO @ Delmar Hall
High Water (TMS:31 Jan 19)
Take It All (TMS:31 Jan 19)
For the Wind (TMS:31 Jan 19)
Omission (TMS:31 Jan 19)
Dreams (TMS:31 Jan 19)
Had to Cry Today (TMS:31 Jan 19)
Smoke Signals (TMS:31 Jan 19)
What Is Home (TMS:31 Jan 19)
Can You See (TMS:31 Jan 19)
Glad and Sorry (TMS:31 Jan 19)
Lay It All on Me (TMS:31 Jan 19)
Hand in Hand (TMS:31 Jan 19)
Mary the Gypsy (TMS:31 Jan 19)
Feel (TMS:31 Jan 19)
Sister Moon (TMS:31 Jan 19)
Good Morning Captain (TMS:31 Jan 19)
She Gave Good Sunflower (TMS:31 Jan 19)
Send Me an Omen (TMS:31 Jan 19)

- outro -
My Morning Song (TBC:27 Aug 10)

18 Oct 02

- intro -
Remedy (TBC:31 Dec 05)

- live - St. Louis, MO @ Mississippi Nights
Dirt Floor Cracker (Mofro:18 Oct 02)
10,000 Islands (Mofro:18 Oct 02)
Nare Sugar (Mofro:18 Oct 02)
Lochloosa (Mofro:18 Oct 02)
Florida (Mofro:18 Oct 02)
Air (Mofro:18 Oct 02)
Ho Cake (Mofro:18 Oct 02)

- outro -
My Morning Song (TBC:31 Dec 05)

13 Nov 03

- intro -
Do Right Woman (TBC:rehearsal)

- live - Boulder, CO @ The Fox Theater
Hard to Handle (NEMule:13 Nov 03) (a)
Almost Cut My Hair (NEMule:13 Nov 03) (a)
Oh Well (NEMule:13 Nov 03) (b)
Southern Man (NEMule:13 Nov 03) (a)
Sometimes Salvation (NEMule:13 Nov 03) (a)
Dreams (NEMule:13 Nov 03) (c)
Politician (NEMule:13 Nov 03) (d) ->
Drums (NEMule:13 Nov 03) (e) ->
Jam (NEMule:13 Nov 03) (f)
When I Paint My Masterpiece (NEMule:13 Nov 03) (g)
I Know You Rider (NEMule:13 Nov 03) (h)
- encore -
Key To The Highway (NEMule:13 Nov 03) (i)

- outro -
My Morning Song (TBC:5 Dec 94)

NEMule is Gov't Mule with:
(a)Chris Robinson on vocals and Paul Stacey on guitar
(b)Chris Robinson on vocals and shaker and Paul Stacey on guitar
(c)Chris Robinson on vocals and Jimmy Herring on guitar
(d)Jeremy Stacey on drums, Jimmy Herring on guitar, George Reiff on bass, George Laks on keyboards, Matt joins on percussion part way thru. No Danny or Andy
(e)Jeremy Stacey on drums and Matt on percussion, they switch half way thru
(f)Paul Stacey and Jimmy Herring on guitars, George Reiff on bass, Jeremy Stacey on percussion and Rob Barraco on keyboards. No Warren, Andy or Danny
(g)Paul Stacey and Jimmy Herring on guitars, Chris Robinson on guitar and vocals, George Reiff on bass, Jeremy Stacey on percussion and Rob Barraco on keyboards. No Warren, Andy or Danny
(h)Paul Stacey and Jimmy Herring on guitars, Chris Robinson on vocals and shakers, Jeremy Stacey on percussion and Rob Barraco on keyboards and Warren on vocals
(i) Chris Robinson on vocals and harmonica, Paul Stacey on guitar and George Reiff on bass. No Andy


- intro
Pusherman (Curtis Mayfield:studio)

- amoricana.compilation -
Roadhouse Blues (The Doors:17 Jan 70)
I'm Your Boogie Man (CRB:31 Oct 12)
White Lightning & Wine (Heart:8 Oct 76)
Talking 'Bout Love (Van Halen:1 Jun 78)
Rock N Roll Damnation (BC/DC:31 Oct 05)
Omission (Hookah Brown:30 Apr 03)
Aimless Peacock (TBC:11 Nov 09)
Valley Road (Bruce Hornsby:12 Jul 97)
Nadine (Chuck Berry:29 May 95)
I Wanna Be Your Man (The Steves:studio)
Kokomo (The Bitch Boys:31 Oct 06)
Thorn In My Pride (TBC:95 Feb 14)

- outro -
My Morning Song (TBC:23 Oct 99)

29 May 11

- intro -
Soul Singing (TBC:3 Mar 08)

- Live - Henry Miller LIbrary @ Big Sur, CA
Tulsa Yesterday (CRB:29 May 11)
Like A Tumbleweed In Eden (CRB:29 May 11)
Poor Elijah / Tribute To Robert Johnson (CRB:29 May 11)
Appaloosa (CRB:29 May 11)
Star Or Stone (CRB:29 May 11)
They Love Each Other (CRB:29 May 11)
Sorrows of A Blue Eyed Liar (CRB:29 May 11)
Wheel Don't Roll (CRB:29 May 11)
Mississippi, You're On My Mind (CRB:29 May 11)
Rosalee (CRB:29 May 11)
Reflections On A Broken Mirror (CRB:29 May 11)
I Ain't Hiding (CRB:29 May 11)
- encore -
He Was A Friend Of Mine (CRB:29 May 11)
Blue Suede Shows (CRB:29 May 11)
Last Place That Love Lives (CRB:29 May 11)

- outro -
My Morning Song (TBC:30 Apr 99)

4 Mar 04

- intro -
Hard To Handle (TBC:19 Feb 97)

- Live - St. Louis, MO @ Mississippi Nights
Vegas Two Times (Stereophonics:4 Mar 04)
Madame Helga (Stereophonics:4 Mar 04)
Nothing Precious At All (Stereophonics:4 Mar 04)
Step On My Old Size Nines (Stereophonics:4 Mar 04)
Jealousy (Stereophonics:4 Mar 04)
Mr. Writer (Stereophonics:4 Mar 04)
I'm All Right (Stereophonics:4 Mar 04)
Traffic (Stereophonics:4 Mar 04)
Have A Nice Day (Stereophonics:4 Mar 04)
Maybe Tomorrow (Stereophonics:4 Mar 04)
Help Me (Stereophonics:4 Mar 04)

- outro -
My Morning Song (TBC:2 Aug 98)

OTAR.24.Anderson Oliveira

- intro -
Black Coffee (TBC:10 Apr 99)

- Interview -
Anderson Oliveira
* Designer/Developer of blackcrowes.com
* Owner of the Worlds Largest BC Collection

- outro -
My Morning Song (TBC:17 Jul 01)


- intro -
Evil Eye (TBC:17 Jul 01)

- amoricana.compilation -
Rock n' Roll Damnation (BC/DC:31 Oct 05)
Hell Ain't A Bad Place To Be (BC/DC:31 Oct 05)
Highway To Hell (BC/DC:31 Oct 05)
Surfin' USA (The Bitch Boys:31 Oct 06)
Fun Fun Fun (The Bitch Boys:31 Oct 06)
You Are So Beautiful (The Bitch Boys:31 Oct 06)
Kokomo (The Bitch Boys:31 Oct 06)

- outro -
My Morning Song (TBC:7 May 06)

3 Nov 96

- intro -
She Talks To Angels (TBC:12 Mar 20)

- live - Amherst, MA @ Mullins Center
Feelin' Alright (TBC:3 Nov 96)
Gone (TBC:3 Nov 96)
Bring On, Bring On (TBC:3 Nov 96)
Thick N' Thin (TBC:3 Nov 96)
Girl From The North Country (TBC:3 Nov 96)
Bring On, Bring On Jam (TBC:3 Nov 96)
Life Vest Jam (TBC:3 Nov 96)
Black Moon Creeping (TBC:3 Nov 96)
P.25 London (TBC:3 Nov 96)
Cursed Diamond (TBC:3 Nov 96)
Somebody's On Your Case (TBC:3 Nov 96)
Good Friday (TBC:3 Nov 96)
Evil Eye (TBC:3 Nov 96)
Could I've Been So Blind (TBC:3 Nov 96)
Descending (TBC:3 Nov 96)
Hard To Handle (TBC:3 Nov 96)
- encore -
How Much For Your Wings? (TBC:3 Nov 96)
Jealous Again (TBC:3 Nov 96)

- outro -
My Morning Song (TBC:1 Dec 92)

29 May 02

- intro -
Thorn In My Pride (TBC:23 Feb 97)

- live - Paris, France @ La Boule Noire
Silver Car (Chris Robinson/Paul Stacey:29 May 02)
Sunday Sound (CR&PS:29 May 02)
Untangle My Mind (CR&PS:29 May 02)
The Dolphins (CR&PS:29 May 02)
We All Want Love (CR&PS:29 May 02)
Mint Tea (CR&PS:29 May 02)
Mother Of Stone (CR&PS:29 May 02)
Barefoot By The Cherry Tree (CR&PS:29 May 02)
Safe In The Arms Of Love (CR&PS:29 May 02)
You're A Big Girl Now (CR&PS:29 May 02)
Fables (CR&PS:29 May 02)
Beginners And Sinners (CR&PS:29 May 02)
Comes A Time (CR&PS:29 May 02)
She's On Her Way (CR&PS:29 May 02)

- outro -
My Morning Song (TBC:19 Mar 95)

31 Dec 05

- intro -
NYE 2005 conversation with Jeff

- live - NY, NY @ Madison Square Garden
No Speak No Slave (TBC:31 Dec 05)
Sting Me (TBC:31 Dec 05)
Lickin' (TBC:31 Dec 05)
Thick N' Thin (TBC:31 Dec 05)
Jealous Again (TBC:31 Dec 05)
Bad Luck Blue Eyes Goodbye (TBC:31 Dec 05)
Soul Singing (TBC:31 Dec 05)
Space Captain (TBC:31 Dec 05)
New Year's countdown (TBC:31 Dec 05)
Auld Lang Syne (TBC:31 Dec 05)
Will The Circle Be Unbroken (TBC:31 Dec 05)
Thorn In My Pride (TBC:31 Dec 05)
Wiser Time (TBC:31 Dec 05)
My Morning Song (TBC:31 Dec 05)
Ten Years Gone (TBC:31 Dec 05)
Wanton Song (TBC:31 Dec 05)
Seeing Things (TBC:31 Dec 05)
Hard To Handle (TBC:31 Dec 05)
Twice As Hard (TBC:31 Dec 05)
Remedy (TBC:31 Dec 05)
- encore -
Street Fighting Man (TBC:31 Dec 05)

- outro -
My Morning Song (TBC:10 Apr 99)

15 Jan 95

- intro -
15 Jan 1995 conversation with Joukje

- live - Groningen, Holland @ Martinihal
Jealous Again (TBC:15 Jan 95)
High Head Blues (TBC:15 Jan 95)
Sting Me (TBC:15 Jan 95)
No Speak No Slave (TBC:15 Jan 95)
Sunday Night Buttermilk Waltz (TBC:15 Jan 95)
My Morning Song (TBC:15 Jan 95)
Ballad In Urgency (TBC:15 Jan 95)
Twice As Hard (TBC:15 Jan 95)
Thick N' Thin (TBC:15 Jan 95)
Nonfiction (TBC:15 Jan 95)
P.25 London (TBC:15 Jan 95)
Hotel Illness (TBC:15 Jan 95)
Stare It Cold (TBC:15 Jan 95)
She Talks To Angels (TBC:15 Jan 95)
Mellow Down Easy (TBC:15 Jan 95)
Wiser Time (TBC:15 Jan 95)
Remedy (TBC:15 Jan 95)

- outro -
My Morning Song (TBC:22 Oct 99)

7 Apr 95

intro -
Horsehead (TBC:30 Apr 99)

- live - Tampa, FL @ Tampa Stadium
She Gave Good Sunflower (TBC:7 Apr 95)
High Head Blues (TBC:7 Apr 95)
My Morning Song (TBC:7 Apr 95)
Hard To Handle (TBC:7 Apr 95)
Ballad In Urgency (TBC:7 Apr 95)
Wiser Time (TBC:7 Apr 95)
Mellow Down Easy (TBC:7 Apr 95)
Pimper's Paradise (TBC:7 Apr 95)
Jealous Again (TBC:7 Apr 95)
Remedy (TBC:7 Apr 95)

- outro -
My Morning Song (TBC:28 Oct 96)

15 Jan 17

intro -
Three Little Birds (TBC:17 Feb 97)

- live - St. Louis, MO @ The Ready Room
Sugar (GLove: 15 Jan 17)
Too Much Month (GLove: 15 Jan 17)
Get Ready (GLove: 15 Jan 17)
Thanks and Praise (GLove: 15 Jan 17)
Shooting Hoops (GLove: 15 Jan 17)
Fatman (GLove: 15 Jan 17)
Some Peoples Like That (GLove: 15 Jan 17)
Nighlife (GLove: 15 Jan 17)
Its That Easy (GLove: 15 Jan 17)
Cold Beverage (GLove: 15 Jan 17)
You Got What I Need (GLove: 15 Jan 17)
Hustle (GLove: 15 Jan 17)
Whose Got The Weed? (GLove: 15 Jan 17)
Baby's Got Sauce (GLove: 15 Jan 17)
I Love You (GLove: 15 Jan 17)
Front Porch Loungin' (GLove: 15 Jan 17)
Everybody (GLove: 15 Jan 17)
I Got To Touch My Blues (GLove: 15 Jan 17)
Coming Up (GLove: 15 Jan 17)

- outro -
My Morning Song (TBC:31 Aug 07)

OTAR.32.Taj Mahal
4 Sep 00

intro -
Painkiller (TBC:18 Nov 93)

- live - St. Louis, MO @ Big Muddy Blues
Instrumental (Taj Mahal:4 Sep 00)
Think (Taj Mahal:4 Sep 00)
E Z Rider (Taj Mahal:4 Sep 00)
Hard Way (Taj Mahal:4 Sep 00)
Strut (Taj Mahal:4 Sep 00)
You Rascal You (Taj Mahal:4 Sep 00)
Hoochie Coochie Coo (Taj Mahal:4 Sep 00)
Irresistible You (Taj Mahal:4 Sep 00)
Queen Bee (Taj Mahal:4 Sep 00)
Senor Blues (Taj Mahal:4 Sep 00)
Going Up to the Country (Taj Mahal:4 Sep 00)
Cheatin' On You (Taj Mahal:4 Sep 00)
Down Home Girl (Taj Mahal:4 Sep 00)
Blues Aint Nothing (Taj Mahal:4 Sep 00)
The Hustle Is On (Taj Mahal:4 Sep 00)
Mr. Pitiful (Taj Mahal:4 Sep 00)
Ooh Poo Pah Doo (Taj Mahal:4 Sep 00)
Need Your Lovin' (Taj Mahal:4 Sep 00)

- outro -
My Morning Song (TBC:3 Oct 05)

30 Jul 92

- intro -
Fearless (TBC:7 Oct 06)

- live - St. Louis, MO @ The American Theater
No Speak No Slave (TBC:30 Jul 92)
Sting Me (TBC:30 Jul 92)
Twice As Hard (TBC:30 Jul 92)
Thick 'N Thin (TBC:30 Jul 92)
Sometimes Salvation (TBC:30 Jul 92)
Thorn's Progress Jam (TBC:30 Jul 92)
Thorn In My Pride (TBC:30 Jul 92)
Seeing Things (TBC:30 Jul 92)
Black Moon Creeping (TBC:30 Jul 92)
Hotel Illness (TBC:30 Jul 92)
Hard To Handle (TBC:30 Jul 92)
My Morning Song (TBC:30 Jul 92)
Stare It Cold (TBC:30 Jul 92)
- encore -
Space Captain (TBC:30 Jul 92)
Remedy (TBC:30 Jul 92)
Jealous Again (TBC:30 Jul 92)

- outro -
My Morning Song (TBC:3 Aug 07)

Transfer Info:
30 July 92 Cassette (Sony TCD-5M) >
Roland R44 (24b/44.1Hz)

Patch Info:
11 June 92 Cassette (Sony TCD-5M) >
Roland R44 (24b/44.1Hz) supplies:
- intro music >
- No Speak No Slave (0:00 - 0:14)

-- Black Moon Creeping is spliced seemlessly from Side A to Side B
-- Stare It Cold is missing the final seconds before the encore break and fades out
-- Thanks to Brian Sarkin for providing the original 30 July 1882 master cassette
-- Thanks to Jeff Dunn for providing the original 11 June 1992 master cassette


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